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5 Day Workshop

Create a high-impact customer journey marketing strategy in 5 days. 

focus & fire!

What is this 5 Day Workshop about?

Our Focus & Fire Live Workshop teaches the exact process that we’ve developed while working with 100s of world-class businesses over the last 15 years so you can:
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Understand what marketing campaign is the most impactful for your business right now

Clearly define the core motivating factors that will get your best customers to respond how you want them to respond

A simple but profound 3-step process for continual growth

How to motivate yourself and your team to execute with tenacity, while having fun!

How to manage your team to work together, with a common goal - not just in silos

How to get amazing results while marketing with an intentional focus on ethical and moral acts - none of those shady, exploitative methods all over the internet

What to Expect...

The 5-Day Workshop is designed to get results quickly while not “stealing” your time away from important day-to-day activities. Each workshop is about an hour long and is accompanied by worksheets, special tools, and videos so you can get real results without wasting your valuable time.

Our battle-tested process has been refined by working with real companies both big and small, in all kinds of different industries. We’re not “internet gurus”; we’re real consultants that have achieved real results for real brands by doing real stuff. Really! And in this workshop, we’ll show you exactly how we do it.
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Frequently Asked Questions

For a limited time this workshop is completely free of charge. Our regular free for our self-study workshops are $997

We recommend to all our clients that they figure out the best way to serve their prospects with real, obvious value to gain trust, build demand, and develop real relationships. We’re just practicing what we preach!

Each session is about an hour long. We realize you’re incredibly busy, so we’re trying to not steal too much of your time. But, it is important you attend each day as we build upon the foundations we forged the day before.

Each session will be hosted on our private member portal during the week of the workshop. You can watch or rewatch any sessions as often as you like during that week.

Yes! This workshop is based on foundational principles that any and everyone in your business could use.

Absolutely! In fact, seeing this process BEFORE you have a team will give you an ultra-clear understanding of the type of team you want to build!

The lens for the workshop is through that of an owner, C-suite, etc. However, as an employee, you’ll gain valuable insight by understanding why owners make the decisions they do. As a bonus, you could also be the hero in your organization and share this with them!

Brands that Focus & Fire Coach Billy Robbins has built customer journey strategies for.