WOW Campaign

Our most successful campaign - the Wow Campaign is an automated, scalable post-purchase machine for increasing customer lifetime value, improving customer satisfaction, and initiating advocacy (your very best customers that leave reviews, reorder often, and refer you to others)

With JUST the Wow Campaign, a brand can double or even triple their revenue without spending another buck on new client acquisition.

What is the WOW Campaign

The Wow Campaign is Intent Company’s most successful campaign. It is designed to be the ONLY post-purchase plan any brand needs. We’ve seen this work for brands that are very, very different from each other. Some brands were big. Some were small. Some sold services. Some sold products. Some were growing. Some weren’t. But the Wow Campaign worked for them all. This simply due to having the 7 fundamentals of post-purchase marketing refined and razor-sharp. It can’t help but work.

What do you actually get?

Let’s breakdown what you actually get. We’ve used a lot of terms like “increase advocacy” and “higher lifetime value”, but let’s look at the real meat and potatoes.

Here’s what you ACTUALLY get with the Wow Campaign:
  • 18 Customizable Templated Emails – After filling out just a few fields, you’ll have 18 precise and proven emails all tailored-made to help turn your customers into stark-raving fans
  • Automation and Sequencing – All content, emails, and sales are sent in a hyper-refined order and timing based on behavioral triggers to maximize referrals, reorders, and engagement
  • Complete and Instant Installation – we have made the Wow Campaign to be completely and instantly installed on popular CRMS. Even without our synced CRMs, the Wow Campaign comes as a PDF making it a breeze to copy and paste everything
  • Step-by-Step PDF Guide – Our guide offers insight into how important the 7 fundamentals are for your business and also the extract steps it takes from having no post-purchase plan to having your very own Wow Campaign firing on all cylinders
  • Video Walkthrough – The video walkthrough is here to ensure that no matter where you are on your post-purchase journey, the size of your team, or how familiar you are with marketing, you too can have a post-purchase machine that serves you for years to come
  • ​Scalability – Scalability may be the most important aspect of the Wow Campaign. Some brands aren’t ready to scale, because it CAN be costly. But the Wow Campaign is MEANT to be used again and again. This rinse-and-repeat method ensures you can apply the Wow Campaign to every product or service you’ll ever offer

This the core of what you get with the Wow Campaign. But that’s just our first option. We have two other options that add in all kinds of support and expertise from us, Intent Company.

Here are the three options.

Done By You

Fully Templated System
$ 2,000
  • Templated "fill in the blank" Copy
  • Pre-Designed Automation
  • Fast & Complete Installation*
  • Step-by-Step PDF Guides
  • Video Walkthrough
  • Scalable Any Size

Done With You

Everything in "Done By You" Plus:
$ 5,000
  • 1 on 1 Personal Guidance
  • 6 Virtual Implementation Meetings
  • Chat and Email Support
  • Project Dashboards

Done For You

Our Completely Custom System
$ 20,000
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Copywriting
  • Landing Page Design
  • Automation System Implementation
  • Fully Designed & Implemented

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Can't I just do this on my own?


You don’t need us to create a successful, ever-growing post-purchase marketing campaign, with our free Wow Campaign Blueprint. (don’t have that yet? Get it here for free)

The Blueprint has all the information you need for a killer post-purchase marketing plan, but none of the tools.

Our experience makes our tools better and better. The Wow Campaign has been refined and perfected through years of working with an incredible variety of brands across all kinds of different industries.

So, you already have everything you need to do this. But it’s going to take months and months. Maybe even longer.

But with your own Wow Campaign, you can turn those months into just days.

Turning Months into Days

This product is all about turning months into days. You can absolutely do this on your own. I promise you.

Or you can have your very own Wow Campaign turned on and making real money in just days – and done by us, the professionals!
That’s the highest quality post-purchase marketing plan done by the professionals that made it. For you. For your brand. Right now.
The sooner your post-purchase machine is turned on, the sooner you’ll be finally getting the most out of your customers while giving them an unforgettable buying experience.

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How Do You Know For Sure
Our Strategies Work?

Intent Company Founder, Billy Robbins, has helped these brands implement customer journey strategies:

What People Are Saying About
ICG Coach Billy Robbins


What People Are Saying About Intent Company Founder Billy Robbins

William is without doubt one of the smartest internet marketing experts I've worked with. His knowledge in digital marketing and E-Commerce optimization is outstanding - as is his passion, talent and notable work ethic. I recommend William as a 10 out of 10 without hesitation.
Amos W.
Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Director
Since working with Billy I have seen an increase the productivity from both myself and my employees. The tools and expertise Billy has equipped us with has resulted in an increase in sales and time management.
Chad L.
Billy posses technical aptitude, marketing savvy, and genuine appreciation for the relationships he fosters, and you will begin to understand the impact can have on you, a business or a community. To this day, I employ digital marketing tactics he taught me, and always know I can lean in and work harder when I hit a wall.
Mike M.
Director of Digital Marketing
William and I have had the pleasure to work on several digital services engagements and a variety of accounts. He engages with enthusiasm, leads his team by example and has a keen eye for customer success. William (Billy) is a model for his genuineness and creativity. He is a valued colleague and a great team member.
Ken C.
Strategy, Operations, & Branding Consultant

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Meet the Founder

Billy Robbins
Intent Company founder, Billy Robbins, has been successfully utilizing the power of intent to lead some of the world’s best organizations to new heights for the last 17 years. As a business coach, his focus on Customer Journey strategies, automation, and developing talent driven teams is his secret sauce for lasting results.

He’s pretty passionate about this stuff.