Developing Strategies to Double Your Revenue

You might think conversion tracking is something every business does, but it’s just not true. 

At Intent Company, we provide an array of marketing services for our clients. Without naming names, we had one fairly sizeable client—a $5 billion a year business with over 1,000 stores—and they had ZERO metrics on their conversions for any of their websites. 

If they had just had a base level of tracking conversions, they could have made massive changes that drastically increased their revenue—and after we helped them, they did! 

How do we optimize our conversions? 

There are 5 steps to optimizing your conversions—no matter where you are in your business or marketing, if you can follow these 5 steps, you’ll find success. 

Implement—Decide on any marketing strategy and implement it. It doesn’t need to be perfect or great. Just get an idea and turn it on. 

Measure—Track your results. It doesn’t matter how successful it is right away, just start tracking what works and what doesn’t. 

Learn—With the data you’ve accumulated, see what works and what doesn’t. You’ll see that certain calls to action, subject lines, ads, etc., perform better than others.

Improve—Take what you’ve learned from launching this marketing strategy and apply it across the board. If you had a certain kind of ad or blog post that performed really well, take what makes it great and use it to improve your other ads, blog posts, or other pieces of content. 

Repeat—Turn this process into a flywheel that just keeps spinning. Every success you have, every single small percent increase, can be used to create more successes in the future. 

You can break this down into three elements. 




Start with a marketing strategy you think will work, take action to implement it, measure your results, and use that data to create a new, more refined approach. And start all over again. 

By tracking and optimizing conversions throughout the customer journey, you can see basically endless success. 

It doesn’t matter the size of your business, your industry, or what you provide– this strategy can work for you.

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