Customer Personas That Actually Work

Customer personas sound great as an idea, but it can be difficult to make one that actually helps your overall marketing. 

A big reason for this is that brands might be looking at the correct data, but for the wrong reasons. This is the second question from our Customer Journey Assessment and it’s about demographics and psychographics. 

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Question 2: Does your brand have clearly defined demographics and psychographics of your best customers? 

This step has a few different names. For example, creating an avatar, a customer persona, etc., all mean the same thing. 

Taking honest, measurable demographic and psychographic data and using it to help focus our marketing efforts to provide more value to our customers. 

Keep that in mind at all times. Getting into the weeds with data, metrics, and KPIs can make marketing feel robotic and inhuman. That happens when brands collect data for the sake of it. 

But for this step, we’re using this data to understand better the people in need of our brand’s unique value. People that WANT the solutions we have. 

Nothing is more human than people helping people. 

As a business, that’s what you do. You help people solve their problems. 

This step is so important because not all people will find value in your solutions. Your unique solutions are needed by a unique few. 

The better we can understand those unique customers and their needs (using demographics and psychographics), the more specific and alluring your marketing becomes. 

Honestly, without clearly defining your brand’s unique value and the people that need that value, all marketing actions you take will be a guess. 

Taking the guesswork out of marketing has never been easier. By taking our free Customer Journey Assessment, you’ll have a clearly defined picture of your brand’s current marketing and where to go next. No guesswork. 

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