The Power of Brand Intent

Finding Your Brand Voice for Business Success 

Something that’s very important to understand in all aspects of business. No one buys what you actually sell. 

When someone buys a lightbulb, they’re not buying it because of the lightbulb itself. They’re buying it because of what the lightbulb does for them. 

They buy the lightbulb because it gives them a solution to a big problem: not being able to see. 

Whether it’s nighttime or you’re in a room without any windows, the person buying the lightbulb is really purchasing the power to overcome the dark. 

When a brand’s marketing and communication reflects that idea, they really start to connect with their customers and grow a brand personality. 

Personality is a huge aspect of business. When your customers view your brand as a recognized personality, marketing becomes much easier. 

This not only attracts customers but helps keep them for longer, too. 

Have a Goal

It’s not always clear what personality a brand has. Sometimes, it develops naturally. Sometimes it takes some effort to figure it out. 

Defining and refining your brand’s personality takes intentional effort. 

To start, ask yourself who you want your business to be. 

If your business was a person, who would it be? 

Forrest Gump – loyal and sincere

Frank Sinatra – sophisticated and suave

Think about your customers. Your brand persona will have a certain voice and attraction. Think about your customers; who is someone your customers will respond positively to? 

To figure out the right brand persona that connects to your brand, you need to consider 4 things: Brand Voice, Benefit Of the Benefit, Economic Driver, and Unique Marketing Position. 

Brand Voice

Brand voice is the way your brand communicates through site content, social media posts, emails, and texts. 

There are lots of different ways to say the same thing. 

The words you choose, the personality you add, and the subject matter all influence your brand voice. 

Benefit Of the Benefit

Benefit Of the Benefit, or B.O.B., is a super important thing to keep in mind. People rarely buy a product or service specifically for it– what they buy is the benefit or, taking it a step further, the benefit of the benefit. 

When your communication is focused on the benefits of the benefits your of goods and services, it will connect and resonate with your preferred customers more. 

Instead of saying stuff like “Buy my gadget and get 20% off” as your tantalizing copy, you can write specifically about how what you offer truly serves people, helping them solve their problems. 

Economic Driver

Not all KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) have the same value. 

Every company is unique, but there are a few very important metrics that when they go up, you make more money. 

When you can zoom in on your business and find the metrics that directly relate to an increase in revenue, you can target and refine the key factors to multiply your profits. 

Unique Marketing Position 

As said in the early section, every company is unique. 

That means every company has a completely unique marketing position. 

The better your company understands that unique marketing position, the more direct access it’ll have to customers in that demographic. 

Understanding these four aspects of business will help companies connect to their customers, create a strong online presence, and form long-term relationships.

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