How Clever Brands Drive Action With Content

Content is one of the most misunderstood aspects of marketing. And with the rise of AI-generating posts and articles, it will only get worse. 

Luckily, the more vague and impersonal content becomes, the more actually valuable content shines. 

Our 3rd question from our Customer Journey Assessment is all about how innovative brands drive action with content. 

Question 3: Does your brand exchange valuable content or resources of value in exchange for an email address, phone number, or other contact information? 

Here’s the thing. If your brand only provides value to customers during a transaction, you’re probably starving for customers. 

You might do well with your current customers, which can be enough for a business to float by. 

But if you’re not doing this, you’re probably hurting for new customers. 

Micro-commitments are an imperative part of growing a successful, long-term marketing strategy. 

Customers must go on a journey before they trust a brand enough to open their wallets. How many steps there are and how long they take to traverse are both up to you. 

Each step is a micro-commitment. Usually, the first micro-commitment is asking for time. (like you reading this post). 

The next might be clicking a link or filling out a form. 

Each step has a clear value followed by a prospective action. If the person received enough value, they’re likely to take the proposed action. 

For example, you read a blog post and you find it informative. There is a call to action at the bottom, maybe offerings you a free eBook about a similar topic. To get it, you must give your email address. 

This is an exchange. The brand wants your email address, and they want to earn it with valuable content. 

When done right, exchanging content for action does two things: 

1. It starts a relationship between the brand and the customer based on value. The more value, the more affinity the customer will have for your brand.


2. You now have a channel of communication you can use to nurture and grow this new relationship (using more valuable content) 

So far, we’ve talked a lot about valuable content. But what makes content valuable? 

As a brand, you have a unique value you offer to the world. The people out in the world vary in how much they want your unique value. 

You’re never going to sell to about 99% of the planet, as they just won’t be interested or able to buy from you. 

If you try to sell to everyone, you’ll sell to no one. 

And the more specific and hyperfocused that content is, the better. 

Content written only for your best customers does two things. First, it naturally filters out less interested parties, which would otherwise take time and resources from your brand, with little chance of acting. 

Secondly, it empowers the remaining people to be better customers for your brand. When customers get a steady flow of content they find valuable, the more they’re going to buy, reorder, and refer your brand to others. 

Brand advocates like these can be worth 100s of times more than a single, one-time customer. 

Here at Intent Company, we believe that customer-centric marketing aimed at developing and duplicating brand advocates is a surefire way of growing a business that serves people and helps them solve their problems. 

One of the best ways to develop brand advocates is by figuring out your brand’s marketing strengths and weaknesses so you know exactly where to focus your efforts. 

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