How to Post Quality Content Consistently

All marketing relies on content to function. 

The more your marketing is focused on the customer journey and providing real value to your customers every step of the way, the more important the content becomes. 

Brands need to create quality, bite-sized pieces of content and do it consistently to be competitive in the business world.  

Those three qualities matter a lot. 

Quality – there is so much rushed and AI-produced content that quality is in short supply. Quality content stands out from the rest and will attract not just traffic but the right kind of traffic. 

Bite-sized – the size of your content has to be very intentional. On the one hand, you want bigger pieces of content that provide lots of value and make you stand out as an authority in your field. But on the other hand, people don’t have much time to spend on larger content unless they trust the source. So use bite-sized pieces to build that trust and affinity, and then you can transition them to the larger pieces with more sales-focused CTAs. 

Consistently – a little bit every day is so much more important than a lot at random times. Being consistent stacks value over time. Customers need to trust a brand before they can open their wallets, and being consistent is a foolproof way to build trust. 

Question 6 of our Customer Journey Assessment asks: Does your brand regularly create valuable content such as blog posts, whitepapers, videos, webinars, etc.?

Okay, so you know that regularly creating, posting, and sharing valuable content is the fuel to the customer journey marketing machine. 

But what’s the best way to actually get it done? 

It just so happens, we have a few tips for not just posting content but posting content that keeps your marketing machine firing on all cylinders. 

Start From the Bottom Up

Your content is a foundation for all your marketing efforts, so you must take the time to do it right. 

What does that mean? 

It means you need to do your research. 

Creating customer journey personas is easy when you know how to do it right

Knowing who your best customer is (those likely not just to become customers but brand advocates) and the type of content they want ensures all your marketing efforts are pointed in the right direction. 

Scalable System 

When someone starts a new workout resolution, you’ll see one of two things. 

Either they go as hard as possible that first day and hope that inertia will carry them. 

And those who intentionally start slow with something they can build upon. 

Doing just a little bit every day and slowly increasing the amount is vastly superior to short bursts of fleeting enthusiasm. 

You need to do this with your content. 

Genuine Value

If your aim is to create valuable content for your customers, then you need to be as genuine as possible. 

Your customers are a unique bunch with unique needs. 

Anyone that creates tailored content to those needs will be seen as a trustworthy, valuable source. 

Over the years, we’ve seen brands spend a lot of time and money trying to determine what their customers thought was valuable. 

Unfortunately, they’re usually making a mountain out of a molehill. A surefire way to figure this out is to just ask your current customers. 

Throw in a coupon or a freebie for their time, and you’ll get priceless information that will pay for itself hundreds of times over. 


The next step to creating quality content is refinement. 

Not every single blog post, article, video, tweet, and email you write will be perfect. Some will have spelling, grammar, and coding errors. 

Some will have information that becomes antiquated and wrong. 

And some will simply fail to get a positive response from your customers. 

One key aspect of refining your content is data. 

Data and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) serve as cold, hard facts that show how well your current marketing strategy is performing. 

But KPIs can, and should, do more than tell you where you are, they should guide you to improvement. 

Brands get this wrong often because they become so wrapped up in just the collection and measuring of data that they forget the reason to measure in the first place: improvement. 

Hopefully, these four tips help you regularly create content your customers will love. 

Instilling value into your marketing is a surefire way to build brand demand, convert traffic, and create brand advocates for life. 

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