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Book your Discovery Call before the end of the conference to qualify for $24K in FREE BONUSES when you purchase the MSP Advocacy Machine™

Double your revenue without spending $1 on ads

MSP Advocacy Machine™

Turn your clients into raving fans!

The surefire way for MSPs to double their revenue without spending another dollar on advertising.

Benefits of the MSP Advocacy Machine™


Grow Revenue

Grow the lifetime value (LTV) of your clients by keeping them longer while increasing the amount of products and services they adopt.


Generate Referrals

Create a perpetual referral machine, empowering your happiest clients to share their experiences with others, leading to more clients ready to buy.


Positive Reviews

Generate a steady stream of fresh, positive reviews that improve brand value and demand while making it easier to attract new clients.


Improve Satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction by delighting your clients and increasing the value they receive from your products and services.

All those benefits without...

…spending a single dollar on advertising – Intent Company’s MSP Advocacy Machine™ is the surefire way for businesses to compound their revenue, all without needing to buy traffic.

…spending countless hours watching marketing videos – Intent Company handles the implementation so you can sit back as your advocacy machine is built, installed, and launched for you.

…needing an in-house marketing team – the MSP Advocacy Machine™ is like your own dedicated team, focused on growing your brand by creating a steady stream of brand advocates.

…becoming a social influencer – with Intent Company’s MSP Advocacy Machine™, you can grow your business, deepen relationships with your clients, and provide better service while being yourself. 

Everything you need in one place


With our marketing strategies, you’ll find compounding, long-term results by turning customers into happy customers and happy customers into stark-raving fans we call Brand Advocates.


Message clients, track results, manage teams, and so much more from a single, all-in-one platform that makes maximizing your results refreshingly simple.


Automated workflows equipped with prebuilt logic ensure you’re doing more in less time while engaging with your clients with tailored messaging delivered at the perfect time, in the perfect tone.


Our Intent Company implementors will have your complete advocacy machine up and running in days not months, so you can start to see compounding results as soon as possible.


With 24/7 support and a dedicated success manager, you have the support needed to hit your goals no matter what comes your way.

What's included?

Implementation Process

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