FOCUS & FIRE Workshop

Create a clear and motivating marketing strategy for purpose-driven small businesses

What is this 5 Day Workshop about?

Our Focus & Fire Live Workshop teaches the exact process that we’ve developed while working with 100s of world-class businesses over the last 15 years so you can:

  • Understand what marketing campaign is the most impactful for your business right now
  • Clearly define the core motivating factors that will get your best customers to respond how you want them to respond
  • A simple but profound 3-step process for continual growth
  • How to motivate yourself and your team to execute with tenacity, while having fun!
  • How to manage your team to work together, with a common goal – not just in silos
  • How to get amazing results while marketing with an intentional focus on ethical and moral acts – none of those shady, exploitative methods all over the internet

Who’s This Workshop For?

The Focus & Fire Workshop is the perfect tool for purpose-driven business leaders to help them create clear, high-impact strategies AND how to get their team organized, focused, and motivated to see those strategies through to completion.

Many of our clients are swamped every day doing things but have little to no clarity on the effectiveness or efficiency of their efforts.

This workshop is specifically designed to cut through the noise to get your brand laser-focused on what actually works. This process energizes your team and ensures they’re working out of their unique, highly sought-after abilities and skills.

If you want Focus and Fire for your whole team, this is the workshop for you.


Kalindi Dinoffer
CMO for OnCourt OffCourt

"I have been working with Billy and his awesome team for the last 4+ years and he has helped me transform the way I think about online marketing, offline marketing, and customer relations in general. More than that though Billy’s heart and passion and dedication shines through in all of his work and his support has been instrumental for my family business over the years. I’m excited to see where we can continue to grow and take things in the years to come! I highly recommend Intent Company for anyone wanting to take their knowledge and business to the next level. "
William is without doubt one of the smartest internet marketing experts I've worked with. His knowledge in digital marketing and E-Commerce optimization is outstanding - as is his passion, talent and notable work ethic. I recommend William as a 10 out of 10 without hesitation.
Amos W.
Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Director
Since working with Billy I have seen an increase the productivity from both myself and my employees. The tools and expertise Billy has equipped us with has resulted in an increase in sales and time management.
Chad L.
Billy posses technical aptitude, marketing savvy, and genuine appreciation for the relationships he fosters, and you will begin to understand the impact can have on you, a business or a community. To this day, I employ digital marketing tactics he taught me, and always know I can lean in and work harder when I hit a wall.
Mike M.
Director of Digital Marketing
William and I have had the pleasure to work on several digital services engagements and a variety of accounts. He engages with enthusiasm, leads his team by example and has a keen eye for customer success. William (Billy) is a model for his genuineness and creativity. He is a valued colleague and a great team member.
Ken C.
Strategy, Operations, & Branding Consultant
"Billy is one of the wisest business consultants I’ve ever worked with. He spent hours with me crafting a message for my company. His wisdom and perspective brought some “lightbulb” moments that helped reveal the highest purpose for my business – the deepest reason of why my business was raised up. And when I couldn’t articulate it myself, Billy skillfully gave me words and messaging for the company that captured my uniqueness in the marketplace. Working with Billy was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. He has a way of simplifying a complex world. And he can help a business write a story for itself that will inspire people beyond the marketing. "

Jason Batt, CFP®, ChFC®, MBA
Founder of Open Door Financial