Pass On Fire That Fuels Your Marketing Machine

Just about everyone that launches any marketing campaign ends up with something far from their vision. 

That’s the problem with visions and visionaries – it’s sparked by fire, usually one of passion. And passing on that fire is complicated. 

But not impossible. 

A good way to think about this is by putting everyone into four buckets. Depending on your team size, these buckets can look really different. 

Someone with a team of 100s of people will have teams in each bucket. 

A solo entrepreneur is probably all four buckets. 

Tools – 

Tools are individuals with one specific skill or purpose. Like a hammer. A hammer hammers nails exceptionally well. That’s what it does. Trying to use a hammer to cut down a tree and you’ll have a problem. 

Tools, like hammers, work best doing the thing they love to do. Use your hammer correctly, and you’ll be building something special. 

Carpenters – 

Carpenters are people who know how to use various tools, where they work best, and how they work together. 

The carpenter is a little more flexible than the tool but is still primarily action-oriented. 

Contractor – 

The contractor gets projects done on time and on budget. They are skilled at keeping people and teams together to achieve a specific goal, like launching a new customer-centric marketing campaign. 

They are more of a leader than a doer, but they are not the ones that have created the goal. 

Architect – 

The architect is the person whose vision everyone else is building. They have a specific image or goal in mind and are the ones most focused on passing on their passion. 

Often, the architect will have to outsource specific jobs or tasks. The better they can articulate and express their vision, the more likely everyone involved will have the same target. 

These four buckets provide a great context for building valuable marketing campaigns with passion and vision. 

A big question you may have is, ‘how does the architect build a vision that the contractor, carpenter, and tool can help build.’ 

Well, we got you covered there. Check out our free Customer Journey Approach Masterclass for everything you need to take your passion and turn it into fuel for your marketing machine. 

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