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We help SMBs build brand advocates!

We help brands develop brand advocates by focusing on Customer Journey Marketing. It’s not enough just to make a sale in today’s brutal economy. You must be consistently creating raving fans by delivering a superior customer experience. Brand advocates are easy worth 30 times more than a typical customer. But, where are they? How do you develop them?

The 3 Stages of the Customer Journey


The first stage of every customer's journey is to be aware that your brand is a possible solution for their problem. Brands must add value and position them as experts here apart from their product or service.


The second stage requires an action on behalf of the customer. This action is a sign that you're building trust with the customer. How much trust? Depends on the commitment of the action.


The final stage that is ignored by most brands is Advocacy. Developing advocates, not customers, should be the #1 goal of your entire organization. A Brand Advocate not only buys multiple times, but tells others about you online and offline.

What we do

Marketing Automation Systems


The very best way to get Intent Company’s tools, dashboards, coaching tips, and more is with the Intent Company Group. Here you will have immediate access to trainings, and each month you’ll get new, effective, and proven marketing techniques that we have used for years. This is also a private social network to connect with other purpose-driven brands and marketers.


One on one, personal consulting. We audit your exact situation, your place in the market, and how your customers perceive you. Then we create a tailor made game plan for you and your team to implement. This is best for teams that just need a push to get started. While we give you the exact steps to take, it is up to you to put the work in. You would need a trusted team to do this and a bit of time.


If you want us, the Intent Company team, to build these funnels, dashboards, and content calendars, from the ground up, we can do that, too. After collecting our data about your company, the market, and your customers, we will implement an intently crafted sales and marketing funnel aimed at finding new customers, gaining trust with present customers, and turning them into Brand Advocates.

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