How to Systemize Great Customer Experiences

Systems are great for scaling and growing your business while making it more efficient and streamlined. 

Systems are also great for boring people to no end.

It’s true. Talking about marketing systems and funnels is a surefire way to have some eyes glazed over. 

But I have a feeling in just a few minutes; you’ll see how important systems truly are. And to show you that, we’ll talk about our onboarding process. 

Onboarding is one of the best ways to introduce a system because it is the element of your marketing that most of your customers will go through. 

The better this process is, the more likely customers are to stay your customer and more likely they are to buy and interact with the brand. 

Turning your onboarding is so important it’s the 11th question of our Customer Journey Assessment, a free, quick way for brands to see their marketing strengths and weaknesses. If you haven’t taken it yet, you can start by clicking right here

Question 11: Is there an onboarding system in place that welcomes and wows your customers after purchase? 

Every brand will have an onboarding process unique to its business, but no matter what it is, it can and should be systemized. 

There are numerous things an onboarding process could do, depending on your brand. 

For smaller brands with less complicated goods and services might just send out a few emails after someone makes a purchase. 

Other brands, like ones selling access to a service or platform, could have a very detailed and complex onboarding process. 

Despite the varieties and nuances of different onboarding processes, they all are trying to do the same thing: welcome and wow your customers AFTER they buy from you. 

You might be asking yourself (or me) how a brand “wow” its customers. 

It depends on the brand. It depends on the customer. But every brand CAN give their customers a unique, unforgettable experience after becoming a customer. And when a brand can turn that into a system – one that can be tracked, refined, and duplicated – great things happen. 

Every customer a brand has is on a journey, even after becoming your customer. 

Once customers have opened their wallets, they’re very likely to do it again if they have a good experience. 

Where is your customer on their journey when they buy from you? What is their current state? What makes them excited? What makes them worried? 

Really work on determining exactly where your customers will likely be at this stage. 

And then give them an experience that is above and beyond. 

Let’s look at an example of this in action. 

A brand sells workout equipment to gyms and facilities. Whenever they sell a specific piece of equipment, some new leg machine, they have a set of emails that go out once the product has shipped. 

These emails are about the qualities of the leg machine and how to sell and highlight those qualities to their customers. 

In this example, customers buy this machine because they think it will help their business. 

The brand knows its customer’s long-term desire is to be in business when they buy this machine. The more tips, tricks, and resources the brand gives its customers about selling, maintaining, and advertising the machine, the more likely the customer will have an incredible experience. 

Then, this brand turns this into a system. A system that can be tracked, refined, and duplicated. 

Imagine how well this brand does with customer satisfaction if every single product they sell has numerous value-centric processes systemized and ready to go. 

Systems are imperative for the modern world of marketing. When done correctly, systems provide a way for businesses to give their customers a memorable, unique experience while freeing up plenty of time for their team from time-consuming busywork. 

To get the most out of every system you build, you must know exactly where your current marketing strengths and weaknesses lie. 

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