Are you doing enough to KEEP your customers?

Every customer you have has gone on a journey to become your customer. 

Going from Awareness all the way to Advocacy involves several big steps; unfortunately, fewer customers get past each one. 

We talk a lot about Brand Advocates, those customers that love your brand so much they constantly buy, reorder, and recommend your goods and services. 

That’s your reward when you can successfully nurture and lead your customers through their journey. 

Most brands only focus on the first three steps of the customer journey; awareness, affinity, and action. 

The reason for this is simple. That’s when brands get the sale. 

But stopping there costs those brands dearly. Don’t be like them. Brand advocates can double your revenue – without adding a single new customer. The longer you keep them, the more value you gain for your initial marketing investment.

What’s the next step? Check out the rest of our free Customer Journey Approach webinar by clicking here and you’ll be on your way to becoming an advocacy expert. 

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