Fuel Your Marketing with Customer Reviews

It’s a whole lot easier being the second person to cross a bridge, try a drink, etc., than the first person. 

Maybe that’s why reviews are so powerful in marketing. 

Opening your wallet becomes much easier when you see how happy all these other people are after doing the same thing. 

Without those reviews, even considering buying can feel like a risk. 

Reviews are critical, which is why they’re the 13th question of our customer journey assessment. If you haven’t taken it yourself, you can do so by clicking here

Question 13: Does your brand have a system that automatically obtains customer feedback and reviews?

Let’s look at a hypothetical. 

Say you’re a business with ten customers. You have zero reviews and want one, but not one of your ten customers has done so voluntarily. 

What do you do? 


There is nothing wrong with asking your customers to leave feedback or reviews after purchasing. 

In fact, it’s vital you do it. 

In that example where you only have ten customers (hey, everyone has to start somewhere), which of your customers do you think is likely to leave a review? 

Some people enjoy leaving reviews and will do so no matter how good, poor, or mediocre the experience is. 

For the most part, people only leave reviews when they have a reason: a very great experience or a poor one. 

The more you invest in giving your customers the best experience possible, the more you want these people to share their experiences. 

When you ask, you’re likely only motivating the customers you really want to leave reviews in the first place. 

In this case, think of it more like you’re equipping your best customers to share their amazing experiences with the world. 

A key part of this question is about it being a system. 

When you have a system for collecting and sharing reviews and can automate it, you have a naturally growing marketing strategy. 

There’s another benefit to this. 

Besides reviews, which are critical for attracting new customers and converting traffic, you also get up-to-date feedback for your goods and services. 

If there is a problem, instead of becoming a costly nightmare, it becomes something you can fix straight away. 

A few pieces of a customer journey marketing strategy seem to have life,  growing independently.  

An automated system for collecting and sharing reviews is absolutely one of those pieces. 

If you’re looking to bring more life to your marketing or see where your current marketing strengths and weaknesses lie, take the customer journey assessment. 

In just a few minutes, you’ll have a clear guide of where your marketing is and where you should take it next. 

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