Double the Effectiveness of your Social Media Ads

We often use metaphors at Intent Company to help explain and visualize important marketing nuances. 

And today, we’re back in the metaphorical saddle. 

Question 5 of our Customer Journey Assessment asks us:

Are you running Facebook or Instagram ads that focus on audiences that are NOT already connected with your brand? 

Imagine your customers as a bank account. 

When you need money, you know, to be in business, pay your employees, etc., you just dip into your savings and take a little bit out. 

And because you want to keep being in business and keep paying your team, you keep taking from your account. 

If you’re not reinvesting into the account at any point, it will deplete. It’s a guarantee. 

To do this, you must create a constant stream of new customers by creating brand demand and spreading awareness. 

And guess how you can do that – that’s right! – by running social media ads that focus on audiences that are NOT connected to your brand. 

Now, a word of warning. 

These non-branded ads are different from ads that are trying to get a sale and, correctly, lead to a product or sales page. 

Those ads are taking advantage of current brand demand. 

The ones we’re talking about create that demand in the first place, so it is backward to send them to a sales page. 

We need to create valuable interest and awareness. 

It’s only when these, non-branded ads, lead to a piece of content with genuine value that the system works. 

Creating repeatable, scalable systems like these, focused on the customer experience, is what we’re all about here at Intent Company. 

A great way to start a more customer-centric marketing strategy is to take the free Customer Journey Assessment. 

It’ll tell you where your brand’s marketing strengths and weaknesses lie and where you should focus your efforts first. 

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