Free You and Your Team By Automating Systems

There’s nothing that beats up a team more than doing monotonous tasks again and again. 

Creativity, passion, and joy are sapped away with every dull day. 

The more you invest in your team by hiring talented professionals, the more you’re hurting yourself by not automating simple, everyday tasks. 

The more you put into your team, the more it makes sense for you to let them focus on what they do best. 

Automating systems is so important; it is question 14 of our Customer Journey Assessment. If you haven’t taken it yourself, you can do so by clicking here

Question 14: Does your team have most of their repeatable tasks in an automation system to create time margin and efficiencies? 

There are some everyday tasks that a person just has to do. 

But when you’re actively looking for opportunities to free up time, you’ll find a lot of repeatable tasks can, and should, be automated. 

Not all systems are the same; some are much more important than others. Some are better suited for automation than others as well. 

Here at Intent Company, we focus on building automated marketing systems based on dynamic human behavior. 

By taking specific actions, your customers segment themselves by telling you what interests them and what doesn’t. By having tailor-made content and funnels ready for each unique customer that visits your site, you’ll be able to provide customers with an experience designed for them. And, because it’s automated, your team can focus on what they do best while the marketing takes care of itself. 

When a brand builds several dynamic marketing systems designed with the customer journey in mind, they start to see just how effective and scaleable marketing can be. 

To build systems like these, brands need to know exactly where their current marketing efforts lie. The more customer-centric and value-based your marketing is, the better. 

Take the Customer Journey Assessment to figure out your brand’s marketing strengths and weaknesses, plus a detailed guide on what to do next for the fastest, biggest improvement possible. 

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