Remember those choose-your-own-adventure books that were popular when we were in middle school and junior high?

Those provide a fantastic way to think about the marketing your brand does. 

Imagine potential customers as if they’re adventures on a journey. 

They must get through some dangerous landscapes to reach their destination, becoming your next customer. 

The first step is to make that journey as safe as possible. Maybe some customers won’t make it all the way through, but at least they’re not falling into bottomless pits (like when they mark your emails as spam or block you on social media). 

Way too many brands think their job is over at this stage. That is not the case. 

The more tailor-made and supportive you make the journey for your customers, the more that reach the destination. 

The better the journey, the more equipped (and likely) your customers will be to buy, reorder, and refer. 

But there is a problem! 

Brands can only sustain this kind of value-building customer-centric marketing by using automation. 

Automation can be used against your customers, causing them harm, and sending them away. 

But using automation correctly is vital for this sort of marketing. 

Automation allows adventures to effortlessly pick and choose their most preferred path to becoming your next customer without the brand needing staff on the clock and high alert. 

Luckily, by using dynamic sequences based on actions, demographics, and timings, any brand can provide hyper-targeted emails, messages, texts, and more, 24 hours a day. 

Using the automation and sequences needed for this kind of marketing has never been easier. 

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