Most brands today post on social media in some form or another. 

But very few brands know why they’re doing it. 

They might know ‘it’s good,’ but without purpose, their marketing will always be subpar. 

Brands that throw action at their blog and social media accounts do have the right idea. Social media and content creation are super valuable for brands looking to grow long-term marketing solutions and successes. 

But only when you do it right and knowing why you’re doing it in the first place is critical. 

We’re posting valuable content (your content is valuable, right?) to our site and profiles because that’s the best way to help people know you and trust you. 

A customer must do those two things before becoming your customer. 

They have to know your brand.

And they have to trust it. 

A consistent flow of valuable information and content isn’t just a way to have people know and trust you; it’s a guarantee. 

Brands without purpose will post a lot, but it will rarely be valuable and never be cohesive. 

Both of those really hurt your brand’s marketing. 

Don’t worry; we have a fantastic, repeatable way for brands to continually post valuable content and messaging. 

Start by creating a piece of valuable content for your target audience. Make it something people will want to read or watch for free and that they will get something from. It can be an eBook, webinar, or masterclass, for example. We call this a macro asset; you’ll see why in the next 40 words.

Then, that piece of content becomes your blueprint for your brand’s posts, articles, and messaging. 

Each macro asset can be broken down into 10 (depending on the size) blog posts. And each of those blog posts will have 3 or 4 key points that are of value to the potential reader. Each of those key points becomes a social media post and part of an evergreen email sequence. 

For every macro asset you make, you’ll have 10 (or more blog posts) and 40 social posts, and evergreen emails. 

And the content is valuable, cohesive, and repeatable. 

Just doing this alone can transform how your brand does marketing. 

But don’t stop there. This is just a small portion of a fully-fledged customer journey marketing campaign. Every piece you create gets repeat value as the whole system works together cohesively. 

Take the next step by checking out our free Customer Journey Approach Masterclass. No matter where you are with your brand’s marketing, you’ll find something valuable here. 

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