Balancing value and need is key to marketing success

Imagine a brand new smartphone. 

One of the real advantages of a value-need workshop is realizing you can increase your value to your customers, knowing that there will be more sales in the long run. 

The newest generation smartphone will cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. One reason for such a price tag is the value the phone might provide. 

If you were to buy that phone and use it as a coaster, you would not be getting a lot of value from your purchase. 

But if you had a series of informative messages delivered to you about all the ways you can use the phone, the purchase value would go up. 

The product itself did not change between the two examples, but the value in each is vastly different. 

Brands that intentionally increase the value they deliver to their customers can’t help but find more people interested in buying from them. 

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