Customer Journey Marketing and Unique Selling Propositions 

Sometimes, it’s important to take a step back and look things over. This is especially true for marketing. It’s easy to lose the forest for the trees. 

With decades of experience marketing for some of the most successful companies in the world, we took a step back and realized that the point of all marketing should be to find, develop, and duplicate brand advocates.

All marketing actions should lead to this goal. 

Brand advocates can be so valuable that we’ve routinely seen companies double their revenue without adding a single new customer; just by focusing on their current customers and turning them into brand advocates. 

There are 14 key questions we use to diagnose how well a brand is performing at delivering an amazing customer experience, throughout the entire path to purchase. 

Let’s look at the first question. 

Question 1: Does your brand have a clearly defined Unique Selling Proposition?

USP has been very overused at this point. But, like most overused terms, there is an essence to it that is important. 

This question asks if you have defined what makes you special. What unique value do you bring into the world for your customers? Because I promise you, every brand has something special about them that sets them apart. 

All business is about solving problems.

Every brand helps its customers uniquely solve problems. That particular way is, at least in part, a reason why your customers are your customers in the first place. 

The better you can express that uniqueness, the easier it will be to attract the kind of customers that are wild for that unique solution only you offer. 

In order for a business to truly exemplify this uniqueness, they usually come up with a power phrase, a business motto, a focus. A USP, if you will. 

With a clearly defined USP, brands start to radiate a personality that attracts customers. 

And not just any customer, a customer that could become a brand advocate. 

The next question is just as important! 

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