The 6 Ingredients found in Sizzling Marketing Campaigns 

Robert B. Cialdini’s book, The Psychology of Influence of Persuasion, talks about how six aspects give influence (like we see in marketing) its bite.

It’s like those aspects are ingredients to your favorite recipe. You need all six for it to work. Missing just one throws the whole thing out of balance. 

For the recipe of Influence, you need these six ingredients: 

  • Reciprocation – people tend to want to reciprocate when given something. Think about a grocery store that gives out free samples, it helps promote a product, but it’s also a gift you subconsciously want to pay back. 
  • Commitment and Consistency – familiar marketing works. People who are used to seeing your brand and your messaging start to find it comforting. 
  • Social Proof – people tend to check out what others are talking about. When everyone is talking about a hit show, people who don’t generally like that genre are likely to check it out. 
  • Authority – if you help people solve their problems, you will be seen as a leader, as an authority. Then, when those people are ready to spend money, they will naturally see you as a place of knowledge and quality. 
  • Liking – people like being around people they like. Nothing new there. But if you can be a likable entity to your customers, they will enjoy interacting with you. If that’s not spending money, it’s spending time on your site, sharing content, and talking to others about it. 
  • Scarcity – a basic principle of economics is that as scarcity increases, so do prices. This ingredient requires a light touch. Too much, and the dish becomes inedible- in the real world, that’s price gouging. 

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