The What, Why, and How of Digital Marketing

To create a customer-centric marketing strategy, brands need to consider the What, Why, and How of marketing. 

The What are the products and services you sell. 

The How is the marketing actions your brand takes. 

And the Why is your reason for being in business in the first place. 

When most people start a business or a new leadership role, they do so with passion. 

They have a very clear Why. 

Unfortunately, turning that Why into How (marketing actions) can be incredibly frustrating without the proper guidance. 

And usually, the Why – that passion – starts to fade, and they forget all about customer-centric marketing. 

These brands miss out on developing a growing culture of brand advocates as customers – people that go out of their way to recommend your brand to others (sometimes unprompted). 

You don’t have to lose your passion – your why! In fact, we have the perfect, FREE workshop all about taking your passion and using it to fuel your brand, your team, and your marketing! 
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